Exploring Parikia – Paros

We’re in Paros! 🇬🇷 We went exploring Parikia town on the island of Paros and it was absolutely beautiful. One of the most popular islands in Greece, Paros island is located within the Cyclades about a 3 hour ferry ride away from Santorini. Choose Paros if you want to visit an amazing Greek island with far fewer crowds than Santorini and Mykonos!

When you think of the best places to stay in Paros, Parikia is the #1 choice for most people. Parikia is the main town in Paros and also where the ferry port is. It has the most dense population of restaurants, shops and tourist attractions on this greek island. We loved strolling through the Parikia old town in the alley ways painted with white and blue buildings.. it really felt like the “Greece” you see in the movies.

If you’re looking for where to stay in Paros, Parikia is a good option. We’re actually staying in Naoussa instead and like it a bit better, but it’s a smaller town than Parikia. The best part of the Cyclade islands is the quaint vibe you get walking down the picturesque streets. Paros is a big fishing island so we were thrilled to be able to see the local fisherman selling their fresh catches right off the boat.

If you guys are planning to visit Greece, definitely put Paros on your list! We like it a lot so far and have plenty more Greece travel vlogs to share, both in Paros and otherwise.

Hope you guys enjoyed this one. We’ll see you guys in the next video. Seeya!


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